Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week it's portraits, oh dear, not my favourite subject but one I need to practice on. In 2011 I started a 'face' journal. There are four faces in it, which means not even one a year.
For this week I started with the large one and there must be ten layers of paint on her face as I just couldn't get it right. The other one is a quickie after I had given up on the other one. Embrace your mistakes you are told, so here they both are, mistakes and all. I must practice getting the eyes right, they always seem to be staring. The bottom one's face is too long and she looks a bit surprised to find herself in my Dylusions journal, my other one is very small, you know the one with the four faces in.
The backgrounds were already painted, and are adjacent to each other.
Off to see what Neet has done.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

3D embroidery -- Turquoise

I started this 3D embroidery with Sheila Davies at Celyn Textiles. It only measures 3"x 3" and is completely addictive. I loved using some of my lovely beads and the whole process of working on such a small scale really appealed to me. I've set it on a block of oak. I will show you the green one later. I now have small boxes with the different colours threads and beads ready for all the other colours.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Every Inchie Monday -- Butterfly

As lovely as butterflies are it was not a good idea to make one with wire, cover it with organza and then embroider on top. Fiddly does not cover the problems I had with it. It doesn't look very good on the scan, and only slightly better in real life.
This was after we had spent 4 1/2 hours trying to get home after trip to Derbyshire. It took us 1hr and 50 mins to get there and all that time coming home due to someone trying to jump off a bridge on the M40. We were not on that motorway but everything was then sent to the M42 which was the one we were on. We were really stressed out and were drinking hot milk and honey at 4 am and watching an episode of New Tricks.
Back to the inchies, the stampbord one is made with friendly plastic, which has unfortunately been discontinued in the lovely coloured form. You can only get it in pellets which you have to colour yourself. Added to all the above my scanner refused to speak to the computer, so I had to sort it out. Luckily for it, it's too high up for me to kick

Friday, 21 April 2017

Thursday Journal with Neet

 OK what has happened to the week, where did Thursday go. Neet has just phoned and asked if I had forgotten to do my journal, no I said I'll just go and put it on. I did wonder why she had phoned as often it doesn't get finished and put on until after lunch. Neet then informs me that it is actually Friday today.
This week the theme is masculine. I have used a previously painted page and then used a couple of  masks and black paint to blank out some of the background. I have used lots of vehicle stamps for the "boys toys"

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Go Tag Thursday -- Use pink, a little or a lot.

I am not usually very happy using pink, but I enjoyed doing this one for Go Tag Thursday.
I used some pink backing paper and two vintage images. I then added some lace, buttons and some thread.

Tag Tuesday -- Heritage

On Tag Tuesday Wilma has chosen Heritage as her theme for the next fortnight.
I have made a very large tag which I used texture paste on for the background, with some Paperartsy infusions on top of the texture paste, which I then sprayed with water.
The smaller tags are of my relations, who all grew up in the valleys of South Wales. My mum's dad pictured on the top with my Nan and my mum's two older sisters.  The one below shows him on a camel ( the middle one) in Egypt ( Pyramid and Sphinx behind them) during the first World War. He also fought at Gallipoli.  He was as was my other Grandfather a miner.
The smaller of the two added tags is of my Great Grandparents with a backdrop of a mine and below the little town where my father was born and where my Grandma lived.
My brother and I used to love going up the mountain behind Grandma's house as the mountains were actually moving in as they were all undermined with coal mines. We were fascinated by the fact that the houses on the mountain were gradually being knocked down by the mountain as it moved slowly towards them.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Go Tag Thursday -- Easter/ Spring

A second tag for Go Tag Thursday on the Easter Spring theme. The stamp is from Stampotique and I think the hare is called Harold. He is hoarding a basket of Easter eggs made from a flower.
The small tag at the top has a hare looking at the moon.

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